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These information are specifically aimed to show the different types, the utilization rules and to supply the procedures to deny or to cancel, if you wish, the cookies from your devices.
Surfing this site you agree to the use of the cookies in compliance with the Personal Data Privacy Controller’s statements  as indicated in the

regulation No. 229 dtd. 8th May 2014. If you do not agree to the cookie utilization, you have to set properly your browser or do not open any page of this site. If you decide to disabling the cookies that could have a negative influence your surfing experience this site.



The cookies are data processing files or partial data which can be saved in your PC (or other devices capable to Internet surfing, i.e. smartphone or tablet) when you visit this site.

The cookies do not record any personal information concerning a user and possible identifiable data will not be stored. If you wish to disable the cookie utilization it is necessary to personalize one’s browser setting and to set the cancellation of any cookie or to activate a warning when the cookies have been stored. To proceed without changes to cookie application you can merely go on surfing.

Which kind of cookies we use

In compliance with the current regulations and to the Personal Data Privacy Controller’s statements, we use following cookies:

These two cookie kinds can be themselves as follows:


Cookies utilized in this site

Here below you’ll find the profiling cookies and the third parties’ ones, which are utilized in this site. In this list the technical cookies, strictly bound to the use of the site, are not included.


How to manage the Cookies in your PC

There are different ways to manage cookies and other tracking techniques. If you change the browser setting you can accept or deny cookies or decide to get a warning before accepting a cookie from the visited web sites. We would like to remind you that if you completely deny cookies you could no more be able to use our interactive functions.

If you use more than a PC in different seats you have to verify that every browser has been set according to your requirements.

You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookie directory of your browser. Every browser has a different setting procedure. Click on one of the following links to obtain specific instructions.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari


If you do not use any of the above mentioned browsers, choose “cookie” in the corresponding section of your browser guide to find your cookie directory.