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The Food safety is a specific field defined by both national and European standards. The food safety has become so important that the food companies have to find certified quality raw materials.

Sweetbio meets this requirement and the latest European standards concerning food safety, thanks to the identification and tracking of the  supply sources of the imported products.

To assure the quality and safety of the products Sweetbio has both on one side settled work procedures to assure the healthiness of the imported raw materials and on the other applied checking systems to control that the process operations have been corrected performed. Sweetbio performs quality checking systems planned on the whole supply chain of all the imported products: from the growing to the harvest, from the shipment to the clearance, from the analyse to the warehousing, getting in this way the complete traceability.



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The quality beyond the certifications, a specific choice.

Sweetbio has always preferred the organic farming. The company is standing investing in analysing process to assure  the quality of its organic products.

Even before to be settled on the market, each product has to be put for a quarantine period, during which microbiological and chemical analysis, physical and organoleptic checks  have to be effected to assure the highest safety and the best quality to the customers.



Organic Productions

Our products have been submitted to the check and certification of Bioagricert, which is the National Organism since 1993 authorized to control and certify the organic productions, recognized by the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies). Bioagricert is registered in the Enterprises Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, and it is acknowledged by European Union as Organism of Control and Certification for organic productions with Reference No. IT BIO 007.

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KOSHER Certification

The word “Kosher” in Hebrew means to be in compliance with the law or suitable and it defines that a food has been produced in conformity to the diet rules prescribed by the Bible. The Sweetbio products with Kosher certification have been approved by 1K Kosher, which is the acknowledged organism for Kosher control and certification with main headquarter in Bruxelles, Belgium.

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Our value added is supporting transparency in business cooperation  and sharing the same ideals.

The quality of the raw materials is most important for the safety and quality of the end product, which get onto the consumer’s table. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to effect the risk assessment of each sourcing line and to prefer to ones with the lowest risk results.

The Sweetbio’s raw materials are raised by qualified, approved and periodically checked and evaluated suppliers. By each delivery the specific process, product and shipment techniques are defined and shared with the supplier, first of all the ones necessary to assure the healthiness of the nourishment. Each delivery is correctly certified by the supplier and by incoming approval  checked according to defined plans. Sweetbio has settled a clear and transparency relationship with its suppliers aimed to meet its requirements of reliability and safety in sourcing, and  stimulating them to improve their process management and motivating them to apply the technological innovation to reach first-class production results.



Sweetbio srl purchases and contacts its suppliers and customers exclusively through the email addresses indicated
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